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Enter at your own risk!
Remember, you CHOOSE to enter Creepy Works haunted house

Absolutely no lighters are allowed.
No Smoking! Violators will be removed immediately!!!

Upon purchase of a ticket, the holder of a ticket voluntarily assumes and agrees to all risks and disclaimer warnings upon admission to Creepy Works haunted house. The ticket holder agrees to release the operator, company, landlord, employees, and owners of all liability, harm, injury, up to and including death, cost or expense that may arise directly or indirectly from attending Creepy Works haunted house.

This attraction is NOT intended for people with serious heart or health issues, or women that are pregnant. Certain elements in the haunt may serve as an irritant in allergies or illness to some individuals, latex and fog are in use! Extreme lighting effects are constantly in use, which may cause seizures in certain individuals. Limited visibility may occur, fog/scents and dark areas/lighting are in use as well.

This house contains explicit scenes of brutal violence and gore. It contains strong terror, and is considered extremely intense, realistic and terrifying.

This house also contains extreme music, sound effects, and visuals.

This house is not intended for everyone. This house may not be suitable for young children however this is just a recommendation.

No touching of sets, props, and especially actors!!

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol are permitted in the house.


Please keep your cell phones off inside the haunt.

No food or drink will be allowed inside the haunt. Outside is just fine.

SECURITY will be on hand at all times. Cameras are in use.

We have a zero tolerance policy and will enforce these rules strictly for everyone's safety!

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